Why CleanHouse?

Buying a home is the biggest purchase most people ever make. Your home’s energy efficiency has a big impact on your wallet, and is one of the biggest contributors to your carbon footprint. So, it’s important to know about the efficiency of a potential new home as early as possible in your home search. That’s where CleanHouse comes in.

Add home energy information to Zillow

It's hard to find home energy efficiency data online. Platforms like Zillow only provide limited and inconsistent efficiency data in home listings--if they have any info at all. CleanHouse is a browser extension that improves Zillow by inserting efficiency data directly into home listings. Even better, CleanHouse provides the best information on whole-home (or whole-building) efficiency available, and provides data from standardized scoring systems such as Minneapolis' Energy Disclosure Reports so that you can compare homes against each other or against similar homes in the neighborhood. 

Know your future home's climate impact, and what you can do about it

If you want a home that has a smaller carbon footprint, you have two options: buy a home that already has a smaller footprint, or buy a home with a larger footprint and reduce it. Where available, CleanHouse also provides details on home features like insulation and heating system efficiency, which help you understand which home features are  already efficient, and which could be improved.

We are currently working building out this site. In the meantime you can try out our chrome extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cleanhouse-minneapolis-ho/aaiokjpaoejojhkbeacgdakiglhodfbm