How do I use the CleanHouse browser extension?

Once you've installed the CleanHouse browser extension, just browse Zillow as you normally would! You'll see all the Zillow formatting you're used to, but with additional data about homes' energy performance and features.

How do I install the CleanHouse browser extension?

Simply click on this link to the CleanHouse download page in the Google Chrome Web Store, the click on the "Add to Chrome" button on the top right side of the page.  

What's a browser extension? 

Browser etensions are small pieces of software that enhance your internet browsing experience. They can modify how websites appear and add content, such as the home energy information supplied by CleanHouse. They can be uninstalled or turned off if you no longer want the functionality they provide. But why wouldn't you want to know more about home energy performance??

What browsers does CleanHouse work on?

CleanHouse only works on the Google Chrome browser for now. We may create versions for other browsers in the future. 

What kind of home energy data does CleanHouse add to Zillow?

CleanHouse adds efficiency information including an overall whole-house score and details on heating system efficiency and insulation for single family homes for sale in Minneapolis. We plan to add more data for more types of homes and in more places soon! 

How does CleanHouse help me find homes with valuable energy features? 

Most home search platforms have limited and inconsistent home energy data, and whatever information they do have is usually buried in the detail view of any given home. That means that you have to manually open up each individual home, read through all the details, and then remember which homes have the features you want. CleanHouse incorporates better data into Zillow and allows you to see it right in the search results, making it much easier to find homes with the energy features you care about.

How much does CleanHouse cost? 


Is there mobile equivalent of the CleanHouse browser extension?

Not yet.